Welcome Back!

We welcome back all of our students, their families, our staff, community elders, and of course our very important partners! Living in what I believe to be the best part of the greatest country in the world, I hope that you and your families were able to enjoy the outdoors whether it was on Lac Seul, Wabigoon Lake, Lake of the Woods, Agimac, or even Lake St. Joseph! Living in Northwestern Ontario is by its very nature, a defining characteristic of who we are as northerners. With that in mind, it also represents the uniqueness of living in the north and is representative of the distinct challenges and aspirations we collectively have.

As we prepare for a new year in the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board, change is all around us. We enter the year with new leadership, renewed optimism for our kids, and hope in our communities that regardless of where you live, or what school your child attends, all have opportunities to learn. We reiterate our position that the field is leveled for all who entrust our staff with making lives extraordinary. It is the reason that the KPDSB has established its first Board Vision Statement this year:

“All Stakeholders create a culture of learning so that students come first.”

I ask you to consider this statement and the profound stance we are taking in KPDSB; everyone who is part of our organization, be they teachers, education assistants, board staff, parents, administration, and of course kids…is part of a living, learning organization that supports each other’s aspirations. We are also, simply, a system that puts kids first above all else. We believe that we represent hope for so many children and their families, and it is a responsibility that we take very seriously, and our commitment to kids is unwavering.

I also want to take this opportunity to support our staff, acknowledging them for the extraordinary effort they put forth every day, for the sake of kids. You are game- changers for our students, and without you their belief in themselves and their abilities might not be as apparent. As we approach a new beginning together, I encourage you to take risks, be innovative, support one and other, and above all else always put kids first.

The Trustees of the KPDSB and myself as Director wish all who are returning to school, and those who are new to us, the very best of years, filled with promise, hope and optimism! I look forward to seeing many of you on my travels very soon!