New KPDSB Media Campaign: Continuing to Celebrate Our Staff

Hi Everyone!

As I write this edition of the Director’s Journal (Blog I suppose!), I am actually reminded of a couple of things that characterize and define part of what it means to work in the KPDSB! It is early November, there are a few flakes falling to the ground, meaning that really we are on borrowed time, and one of the first road closure on our highways has occurred. My plans for early this morning were to leave my house, and begin the drive to Savant Lake, then onto Pickle Lake, but not before stopping at QEDHS to visit the folks there first. Many of us travel these highways all the time, and while my messaging and priority remains committed to reducing time out of schools, time off the roads, and time away from meetings, this morning’s trip was to be my final school visits for round one of this year. Unfortunately, fourteen tractor trailer units collided and piled up on the highway between Kenora and Vermilion Bay closing travel down for about 12 hours! Why I am sharing this little anecdote; how often do we travel our roads living in the Northwest, for personal, family, recreational, and work related reasons? As my wife Cecilia reminded me this morning “do people from Southern Ontario, really understand where we live, and what we have to do, to get around?” Good question; I wonder myself sometimes.

You may or may not have heard some of the recent radio messages across the airwaves lately that are on behalf of the KPDSB. We typically do some promotion and radio advertisements for matters such as kindergarten registration, open houses, or special wishes such as “Merry Christmas”. What is new this year, and what I have asked Sheena (our communications assistant) to help me with, and for many of you to help with, is for our grass roots staff to do these ads for us now! Before, we would have a generic radio voice bring messages to the public; however, in keeping with my commitment to celebrating and recognizing our school staff and front-line personnel, I will be having Sheena contact many of you to do the ads for us. For example, last week, we brought wishes and a message of being safe at Halloween. This week we have Remembrance Day ads running.  The next two weeks will involve ads celebrating National Child Day and National Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. Why is this important? The messages are important to be sure in themselves; what is more important is that we have exceptionally real people who are making lives of others extraordinary! I want us to showcase real staff, with real narratives representing the organization. The entire system can expect this approach to continue and to gather momentum as we go forward. To those that have already recorded announcements on our behalf, thank you!

The strength of our system is reinforced by the efforts and on the backs of our staff, we can never forget this. As always, I welcome and encourage staff to call or email me at any time, to express concerns or ask of me questions, my office is always open.

The highway just opened, Savant Lake and Pickle Lake, here I come!!

Take care,